Thursday, February 22, 2007

Shanthi Shanthi Shanthi I need you again

She thought for a moment and told me that she will have to come up with a reason to leave home for such a long time and will have to make arrangements for the kids until she returns home. She told me that she will call me the next day and confirm the date. I was so happy to hear that and was in cloud nine..... I couldn't sleep that night and was dreaming about the day and all the fun I am going to have with the sexy woman......

Women's top ten sexual fantasies
This is what bitching is all about. Incredible, when you see what women want!! I may not agree with all of them (that’s why I have numbered them in my order), let’s see how other women rate it. This is a compiled survey of my friends with their sexual fantasies. By the way we are all 40+ b******. LOL.

10. Not my fantasy, that’s why it is no.10 but some of my friend’s love it, so here it goes.